A conversion can significantly increase the value of your property and at Mainland we can assist you in the process of converting your property.

Our architect will draw up plans and apply for planning permission. The building work will be supervised from start to finish ensuring that all work is carried out in accordance with building and statutory regulations and with your requirements always remaining of paramount importance.


Properties need constant maintenance. If you own properties, which have fallen into disrepair, we can offer a full refurbishment service. It is quite remarkable how a dilapidated property can be entirely transformed for a very reasonable outlay.

Redecoration can also make a vast difference to a property. Where more thorough refurbishment is required, we can arrange for your properties to be rewired, replumbed and redecorated. The cost incurred will be money well spent, for you will have increased the value of your property, which will yield a higher return.

When dealing with properties, it is important to have a long-term vision. For a relatively small output now, you can increase your long-term income by improving your investment.

Mainland helps you plan ahead and turn those plans into a reality